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About Bernedoodles

Bernedoodle breed

Bernedoodle breed

A Bernedoodle is the breeding of a beautiful, calm tempered Bernese Mountain Dog to a quick-witted, highly trainable, and non-shedding Poodle. Or, in some crosses, between a Bernese Mountain Dog and an Australian Labradoodle (referred to as an Australian Bernedoodle). Breeders have been intentionally developing this cross since the mid-2000s, and owners of Bernedoodles consistently describe their dogs as “affectionate, clever, fun-loving, low shedding, happy-go-lucky, irreplaceable, life-changing and priceless”.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are a true family companion. The “Berner” was originally raised in the Swiss Alps as working dogs to accompany the alpine herders and dairymen. They were harnessed to pull carts, herd livestock, and watch over the family farm. Bernese Mountain Dogs have the iconic tricolor markings, black, rust, and white. This breed is intensely loyal, sensitive, intelligent, and social. The Bernese Mountain Dog is a true family companion. They are good natured, self-assured, affectionate and generally excellent with children. It is known, they can be somewhat aloof and standoffish to strangers, but only until a friendship is made!

Poodles have a playful but dignified personality and keen intelligence. They are highly trainable and come in large, medium, and small…… Standard, Miniature, and Toy, respectively. The poodle is no snob, they are people-friendly dogs who want to stay close to their families and are always up for a good game. A poodle’s personality is intelligent, loving, loyal, and mischievous. Poodles have a goofy streak and love to play, but they are also eager to please.

Bernedoodles are rapidly gaining popularity because of their sunny dispositions, social nature, and excellent aptitudes. The breeding of this hybrid extends the relatively short (and heart-breaking) life of the amazing Berner and allows for a healthy vigor that marginalizes afflictions found in many purebred or overbred dogs. While more generations need to pass, current Bernedoodle breeders estimate that the life span of a standard Bernedoodle can be about 12-15 years, while the smaller tiny versions may see the age of 17. Bernedoodles are phenomenal family dogs and therapy dogs. Throw in a little Labrador Retriever in the mix (as in the Australian Bernedoodle) and they tend to love water as well!

The Daisy HILL Bernedoodles

Miniature Bernedoodles:
Our Miniature Bernedoodles are an F1 cross (First Generation). They are a cross between an AKC registered, health tested Bernese Mountain Dog mom and an AKC registered, health cleared Miniature Poodle sire. At 25 to 49 pounds, this is a fantastic size for a family pet. While they don’t take up as much yard, floor, couch, and bed space, they will be a tremendous addition for your family. Miniature Bernedoodles are eager to please, conventionally hypoallergenic, comparatively less shedding, and packed with love. We expect our Miniature Bernedoodles to weigh 25-49 lbs and stand approximately 15-22 inches at the shoulder.

Standard Bernedoodles/ Australian Bernedoodles:
Our Standard Sized Bernedoodles at Daisy Hill Bernedoodles are actually Australian Bernedoodles. They are a cross between an AKC registered, health-tested Bernese Mountain Dog mom and a health tested Australian Labradoodle sire. The Labrador Dog part of this breeding can add more trainability to the offspring and water interests as well. The cross can also encourage more hypo-allergenicity and possibly lower shedding. These puppies are often highly athletic and great walking and hiking companions! They’ll keep you active!!!

Most standard size Bernedoodles are generally in the 50-90 lb. range. Several of our Australian Bernedoodle puppies will stay in the smaller range as their sire is a smaller standard at 41 lbs. Therefore, our results may be 50-70 lbs. and between 18”-27” tall.

The F1 Bernedoodles (50% Bernese Mountain Dog and 50% Poodle) have minimal shedding and are great for those with mild allergies. The F1B Bernedoodles (a F1 Bernedoodle bred back to a Poodle resulting in 75% Poodle and 25% Bernese Mountain Dog) will have a mix of soft wavy fleece coats to more dense curly coats within the same litter. The Australian Bernedoodles may have more of a thick soft fleece coat with mild wave. Our Australian Bernedoodles have plenty of hybrid vigor featuring ½ Bernese Mountain Dog, 3/8 Poodle and 1/8 Labrador Retriever.