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With a life-long dedication to animal health and well-being, Dr. Parker earned his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from Tufts University in Boston in 1989. He has been serving equine owners in the Colorado Springs area for over 30 years. Dogs have always been a large part of Dr. Parker’s life. From Great Danes to Beagles, Dr. Parker has always known that he would turn his attention to developing an exceptional family dog with excellent health and disposition. After much research, fate intervened and the Bernedoodle became the future fur family member of choice!

While we were, admittedly, a bit slow in discovering this amazing hybrid, we are not short on our dedication to dogs, their health, and their suitability as members of the family. We accept the daily challenge of developing our version of the Bernedoodle hybrid dog family member.

Dr. Parker and Cat, Emma and Charlie, and Blanche.

Cat, Emma, and Riley May. Riley May is our head trainer. She takes a “hands-on” approach!

Dr. Parker performing orthopedic surgery on a horse.

DAISY HILL BERNEDOODLES – near the base of Pikes Peak, colorado springs, co

Randy Parker, DVM
(719) 331-9206